Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh That Grey's Anatomy...

I'm going through a whole lot of unresolved emotions and thoughts from the past....oh I don't entire life maybe?  This craniosacral therapy I've been doing has really worked me over in terms of opening me up to experience all of this that I apparently have been holding onto forever.  I've been finding myself driving home with tears randomly streaming down my face about stuff that's happened when I was 10...and stuff that happened a few months ago...and stuff that happened in all of the periods in between.

My Special Someone and one of my college BFFs have been hearing about or experiencing a lot of it especially in this last week.  God bless you both for putting up with me...or at least somewhat acting like you are.  So I'm trying to get a handle on it again because I REALLY hate being out of sorts emotionally - although you probably couldn't tell by a lot of my posts on here.  But then I keep coming across these types of things either on Facebook, Pinterest or Google Reader and it sets something else off.  Oy to the vey.

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