Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Wonder...

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I came across this photo in my blog reading.  There was no story attached...just the picture.  Is it sad that I took one look and my very first thought was, "I wonder what he did for him to give her those?  It must have not been good..."?  Sounds like I'm a bitter bitch, doesn't it?  :o)

Don't get me wrong.  It's not like I've never received flowers from a guy before.  Random roses here and there...stalker roses...a few bouquets, even a movie moment rose...but nothing near what's in the picture above.  In reality, I'd much rather have the guy who remembers special dates, little things about me and what I like and don't like, the guy who who speaks of me sweetly, lovingly and honors me not only in my presence but almost more importantly when I'm not with him.  I'd much rather have all of that than a monstrous bouquet...because in the end, flowers die.  But flowers are nice too.  :)  Can't I have it all?  

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