Thursday, August 2, 2012

You Only Get One Shot...Do NOT Miss Your Chance!

Since having to get my new phone after my Blackberry literally died on me, I have been slowing adding apps to of which being Spotify. A great service that I was really excited about when it came to the US but wore out when a lot of my clients had blocked me from being able to access it on the internet at work...and did I mention I used to have a Blackberry?  Well forget about that.

Anyway,  apparently last year when I signed up for the service I had made a number of of which I named "My Theme Songs."  At the top of the playlist?  Lose Yourself by Eminem.  It has always been song that made me feel like I could get through anything, that would put me in the right mindset to fight through whatever I needed to get through.  Another interesting moment when this song showed up?  During one of the Tony Robbins Leadership events that I took part in.  It was one of the "challenges" that I knew what coming in the event that scared me the most out of all of the other challenges in the other events....breaking a board with my hand.  You would think walking on fire or climbing to the top of a telephone pole and jumping off would freak me out more.  Don't get me wrong, I totally had moments of panic at those challenges.  But this one?  I think I could visualize and feel the pain of what it would be like to "crush" my hand on a board trying to break it.  Once we had about an hour of instruction/practice on how to actually do it, guess what song they pumped out at full blast while each of us took our turn "breaking the board?"  Yup...the one that I needed to hear the most. 

I find it interesting that this song slipped my mind during the past few weeks and only resurfaced now.  Maybe I just wasn't ready to hear it yet.  Now it's time to get me back.  It's time to "lose myself in the music."

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