Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Perfect Day...

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You want to know the fastest way to ruin a perfect day?  Overanalyze it after it happens.

This past Saturday.  That was a perfect day.  Perfect in that pretty much everything that happened that day was not planned.  At all.  And the day just fell together in perfection.  So much perfection that there was even a movie moment.  What's a movie moment, you ask?  Well it's a moment that occurs that is so insanely romantic, so perfect in its evolution, that even if you had the imagination to think it up and try to arrange it, it couldn't have possibly happened without some divine intervention.  And yet, it happened.

The scene:  an unscheduled stop on a drive from San Diego to LA to go jet ski.  A clear calm day out on the ocean, the heat wave that had plagued Southern California for days had lifted just enough to be pleasantly hot, and jet skis were available for rent in the early afternoon on this beautiful day in the marina...on a very busy Saturday in the marina. 

Oh but that's not all....

My Handsome and I get out there...out into the ocean and weave our way between various other watercraft and head straight out into the open sea.  All of a sudden I see him slow down in front of me and kneel down to pick up something out of the water.  I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.  That couldn't possibly be a long stem red rose in his hand, could it?  And the next thing I knew he reached out his arm with the rose at the end of his fingertips to present it to me.  I'm not even kidding when I say that I totally glanced around for a camera or cameras that may have been capturing the moment...as if I was on the Bachelor or something.  I mean, it was my very first time on a jet ski.  I wasn't even supposed to be in southern California this past weekend.  There were boats and other watercraft that passed through that very area right before us making waves and moving the water around.  Of all of the directions we could have headed out to explore on jet skis, we went in that direction.  And directly in our path was the rose.  In perfect condition..in perfect bloom. 

We both still don't know what to make of what happened.  That entire day was completely unplanned, and completely perfect in how it transpired for us.  But that moment.  That moment was complete perfection.

Unfortunately, I had set the rose down by my feet because the long stem couldn't fit in the storage compartment of the jet ski, and it popped out of the jet ski on one of the waves soon after.  It's ok though because the memory of that moment was more powerful than the rose itself.

I've been thinking a lot about that Saturday, and trying not to think too hard about the whys and just enjoy the memories of it happening....because the fastest way to ruin a perfect day is to overanalyze it.

Side note:
I know what you're thinking...wasn't there just a series of posts on heartbreak and pain involving "My Handsome" also known as my "Someone Special?"  Yes, yes there was.  My heart isn't yet whole again.  It won't be for a while.  There was a lot that happened in between those posts and this past weekend.  It's too completely personal and still too close in the occurrence for me to properly write about it here.  I may never write about it publicly except to say love is a journey.  And I may be the dumbest smart girl ever, but I'm not ready to let go of this particular journey quite yet.

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