Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Keep Breathing...Just Keep Breathing


  1. Hang in there - coming from someone who has been broken quite a few times, things WILL get better. I don't know you and somehow stumbled upon your blog months ago, but I stop by once in a while when things slow down at work (don't tell my boss!) I feel like I can really relate with a lot of things you write about. I feel like you sometimes put on here what is going, or has gone, through my head.

    Don't lose hope. Trust in God's timing. Do things for yourself. Love yourself. Let people in, but not the ones who don't deserve your time/feelings (purge those). Get out of bed in the morning, shower, get dressed. BREATHE. Deep, calming breaths. Maybe clean out a closet. Throw stuff away. It's therapeutic. Maybe even break something...that's a new one for me and surprisingly helped a TON! (just don't break something you'll regret breaking later) :)

    Know that you have people on your side - people you know, and then random folks who have stumbled on your blog that want you to be ok and can relate.

  2. Thank you Kelly. I just keep unloading on here as a forum for myself really and tend to forget that my words are out there for the world to see. Your words really mean a lot to me too. I appreciate them and you more than I could ever express here. I'm always surrounded by people and yet almost always have felt alone. Thanks for reminding me that I'm not.


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