Friday, August 17, 2012

Being A Chick...

Sometimes I'm really not a fan of being a chick...especially when the hormones kick in.  You get extra tired, extra bitchy, extra unfocused, extra insecure...extra everything you aren't normally on most days.  You become short with people you care about, suspicious of the intentions of others, quick to judge and cranky when things don't go perfectly "your way."  And that's just the emotional stuff.  There's the bloating, the headaches, the cramping...and other things that I haven't even mentioned yet.  It's SO not an excuse for being those things because we women still have the choice to react to life differently in spite of  But for some reason, other choices don't seem to present themselves in those moments of exhaustion, bitchiness and insecurity.  So we react poorly...or at least more poorly than normal.

So to all those who have had the unfortunate circumstance of being caught in my line of fire over the last few days...and there are a few of you....I am way sorry.  *popping in the Midol and evening primrose oil*

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