Friday, June 1, 2012

Dear June....

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Please be good to me.  May was an exceptionally difficult month for me.  My confidence was shaken.  My spirit was injured.  My heart was sad for most of those days.  The bounceback that I had come to rely on in recent years was not helping me to…well, bounce back.  In fact, although it is the first day of June, I’m still hanging pretty low trying to work my way out of the emotions I’m having trouble escaping right now.

Don’t get me wrong.  I had a few really wonderful days in May.  Tremendously special in fact.  It felt like those tremendous days were strategically placed in the month to prevent me from falling back into a dark place I never thought my heart or my head would return to.  There was the national meeting with my firm in Vegas in which I felt a little lift professionally reconnecting with colleagues across the country.  There was a really special couple of days with my special someone where he treated me to a “make-up” day for my birthday, as I had had one of the worst birthdays ever just the week before.  In fact, my make-up birthday was one of my favorite birthdays ever.  He did good.  Real good. :o)  And then the following weekend I lucked out with one of the prettiest weekends in Seattle, where I signed myself up for a battle with some Alaskan king crab legs…and won…although there was a bit of blood shed (those things are prickly!)

So June, please be good to me.  I’m tired of crying, my heart hurting and my emotions being on the brink of returning to a very dark place that I never thought I would return.

Cheers to June and to sunnier days!

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