Friday, June 8, 2012

Bad Juju

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Anyone have any proven remedies for clearing bad juju from your world? I seem to have been swimming in it since my birthday. In fact, it feels like I (and my mom actually) dove head first into a big pool of bad juju on my birthday.  Don't believe me?  Want a list?

1.  On my birthday, crap went down in my professional life that rarely, if ever, happens. Don't get me wrong, my professional life is by no means crap free in general, but it's never been anything that I couldn't turn around immediately - even if I had nothing to do with it.  This, however, was not one of those times...and that was the part that was rare.

2.  As my birthday week continued on, it got worse...resulting in my contract at the client being cut short due to budgetary reasons.  Obviously, the timing couldn't have been worse considering #1.  

3.  At the end of my birthday week, my contract got cut even shorter.  They needed to cut my expense sooner than they would have chosen to...gotta love executive initiatives.

4.  My mom had a bad fall at the end of my birthday week resulting in a nasty gash and a number of bruises.

5.  My mom and another car had a bit of a collision in a parking lot, and the owner of the other car has been a complete douche about the entire situation.  My mom actually got scared of him at the scene the way he was verbally coming after her, even though it totally sounds like he shares responsibility at a minimum for what happened.

6.  The day #5 happened I got sunburned pretty good on my chest while attending a high school graduation that morning.  This may not necessarily have been caused by bad juju - just misjudgment on the amount of sunscreen I should have had on that morning...but you know, it didn't help.

7.  Two days ago I had a really bad fall myself.  Because of the weird way it happened...or more so lack of any kind of reflex or adrenaline that one would normally have to stop myself from falling...I ended up going to the doctor yesterday. Guess what I walked out with?  Two vials of blood taken, a referral for physical therapy, a referral for a neurologist and a referral for a spine specialist.  Then I went to see my chiropractor.  I normally go in for "maintenance" adjustments that take 5 minutes.  I was in there with him for 20 minutes and walked out with a request from him to return on Monday for him to check me over again since I was in such bad shape when I went in yesterday.

Needless to say, my 37th year of life so far has not proven to be awesome in a good way yet.  The only way I choose to look at it is that 1) it could always be worse and 2) it can only go up from here.

So seriously.  Back to my original question.  Anyone have any bad juju remedies out there?  Obviously I could use one....or a few.

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