Friday, April 27, 2012

You Know What's Fun?

The sudden appearance of lovely red bumps over one side of your face in your late 30's...better known as adult acne. 

A couple of weeks ago I looked in the mirror and there was one lone zit.  That's not unusual.  It was the beginning of my hormonal time of the month, and I was under some stress at work.  But then that one lone zit was joined by a few more around my jaw line.  And then a few more.  And then a week later, a small one showed up on my forehead.  And now a number of red bumps have appeared on the same side of my face as where they showed up on my jawline.  

What. The. Fuck?!?!?

I was a fortunate girl in my teens who never really had more than 3-5 random zits in different areas of my face at any given time.  Most of the time I was blessed with clear skin.  Throughout the years since then I would get a random zit here or there, and it continued to be no big deal that concealer couldn't cover.

While I'm thankful that it's still not crazy acne that's REALLY noticeable, I'm wondering what the heck happened to my beautiful skin that I had as recently as last month.  In doing some internet research...because doctors LOVE it when we do that... there are a number of reasons why this could be happening at this point in my life.  The most plausible answer though...perimenopause.  The menopause before your menopause.  The beginning stages of the shifting of your hormones and the beginning of the end of your fertility.  Accompanied by newly acquired night sweats while sleeping...on those lovely nights where I am able to fall asleep and other mood swings, this seems like the most plausible answer.  Dear Lord, how did I get to this age already?

Granted, I'm no doctor, but absent any other tell tale signs of other issues this could be caused by, my power of deduction has come to this conclusion.

And so it goes...

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