Monday, January 9, 2012

Stuff I Love: The Melt

Because I am in a continuing need of comfort (this seems to be a common theme since the new year started - need to figure that one out), I headed to The Melt to grab some lunch.  For those of you outside the San Francisco Bay area, The Melt only serves various concoctions of grilled cheese and the soup to accompany it.  The menu is not long (I mean, come on), but the sandwiches and soups are tasty, and the restaurant is eco-friendly.  They even have this handy dandy online ordering system, but I'm digressing from why I'm writing this post, and you can look up all the rest of the stuff on the The Melt's website to learn more.

So like I was saying...I was in need of some comfort, so I headed to grab my favorite quick comfort foods.  A grilled cheese.  Now if you've read this blog at all, you might have come across a blog or two mentioning this.  You might also recall that I'm the type of girl that doesn't want anything else mucking up my grilled cheese.  Yes tomatoes, I'm referring to you.  And butter.  The bread must be buttered and grilled - not just grilled.  Otherwise, what's the point?

Anyway, I went to go grab a sandwich and instead of ordering online like I usually do, I ordered at the restaurant, and I'm glad I did.  I was in the mood for a grilled cheese with a kick, so I was walking in all prepared to order The Mission, which is spicy pepper jack cheese in sourdough.  But then I saw a sign at the register touting this 'Dirty Melt.'  Intrigued, I asked what it was.  It's sharp cheddar, diced jalapenos, tomatoes, bacon and crushed barbeque chips.  So I ordered it, minus the tomatoes (see previous paragraph).  And you know what?  It rocked my world. The jalapenos give it a nice kick without being too spicy - although my stomach seems to be indicating otherwise right about now.  The bacon gives it a nice flavor without being too overwhelming.  And those barbeque potato chips?  Well honestly, you might miss those in the sandwich altogether if there wasn't a kick of the barbeque chip flavor every other bite.
All in all...LOVED it!  I hope they keep this one on the menu.

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