Friday, January 27, 2012

Stomach Flu

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Well it wasn't just stress that was doing me in on Wednesday. Turns out shortly after I wrote that post, I went to the restroom at work and promptly puked up every possible ounce of content in my stomach.  Or so I thought.  Because I went on to continue puking for the next 36 hours and suffer from a fever of 101 that finally started to break yesterday.  This stomach flu is no joke.  Last night I barely started to feel like I was on the mend and thought I could return to work this morning. So I had a bit of solid food, which I felt like I was going to be able to hold down.  Then I went to sleep in preparation for work because I had to return today.  I have a lot of deadlines on the 31st, and I needed to make sure things were still on track.  

So this morning I got up and promptly threw up.  Again.  And thought, "uh-oh."  But I was determined to at least make it in, check my email and messages and get some emails out.  I drank some tea...which promptly exited my body like the rest of its predecessors before it.  I don't have access to work communication outside of the office or believe me I would have totally been all over that option instead of fighting the inevitable.  Into the office for a little over an hour and back out again before 95% of my work colleagues even made it in to start their day.

Now I'm home.  Back in bed.  Trying to hold in some water and continue to get some rest and hoping that this virus makes it on its way out of me with the rest of it. And hopefully my train of thought will return as well and not be as choppy as this blog post has been.

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