Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas In Spirit

I love Christmas.  I really do.  I love the decorations, the smells, the excitement of the season.  And I love the food.  But of course!  So you would think that my house would be Santa Village central, right?  Yeah, not so much.

What's up with that?

Well the last few years, I've either been sick around Thanksgiving - beginning of December, or I've been crazy busy at work.  With no kids in the house, and it really being only me who gets the biggest kick out of the holidays, it just doesn't seem worth what little energy I have left to decorate.  Honestly it's all I can do to get out Christmas cards on a certain level.  That's not to say I don't have decorations or ornaments out the yin yang, because I do.  I totally do.  And every year I visit Costco or Target or some other Christmas pop up store in the mall and buy more fun trinkets to store in the ...uh decorate with.

This year I had really good intentions of putting up the tree.  I wasn't going to be doing ANYTHING over Thanksgiving except make a small turkey dinner for my mom and I.  I even got half the tree out of the garage. 

(Side note: We have a nice fake 7 foot tree that we've had since I was probably 10 that's still in great shape.  Yeah yeah, I know it's not the same, but I have a hard enough time trying to get decorations up.  The last thing I need is to worry about keeping a tree alive for a month.)

But then on Thanksgiving evening I got all flu-like.  And achy.  And tired.  And the rest of the tree never made it out of the garage.  And I decided that this year it just wasn't going to happen either.  I'm just going to celebrate Christmas in spirit again.

And yet in the back of my mind, I have visions of Christmas protruding out of every nook and cranny of my house with a tree sparkling with a thousand lights and presents piling up underneath...and cookies baking in the oven.

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