Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Little Update....

So those signs I was going on and on about in my last post?  Well, I still believe they were signs, and I still believe in signs, but I've put things back into perspective.

Would it be amazing to attend the NKOTBSB show in Oslo on my birthday next year?  Absolutely.  Is it a sign that that's where they're scheduled to do a show on my birthday?  Sure.  Logistically speaking, however, while possible, it's so not something I want to willingly navigate.  It would literally take a full day of traveling there and a full day of traveling back.  Considering that I can't stay longer than 4 days during that timeframe, it's sooo not worth it.  I haven't even mentioned the expense - though I could actually get a decent roundtrip fare to and from Oslo.  Unless I win the lottery or some miraculous thing happens with the logistics, it's not something I'm willing to move heaven and earth for.  Or shall I say, those boys are not people I'm willing to move heaven and earth for.

In other news, I experienced Hell Week Parts I and II where I literally felt like I was mentally being run into the ground at work.  The thing was, it wasn't even the worst professional circumstances I've been in.  For some reason it was just so mentally exhausting. I think I've recovered from that, but I'm really having a hard time getting my focus back on other things at work that I had to push to the wayside during Hell Week.  Maybe I haven't yet recovered. 

Not helping my lack of focus...time spent with my manfriend.  He gets me all kinds of messed up, and he knows it.  We always have limited time when we do get to see each other, but no matter how long that time is, it never seems like enough.  And every time I see him, every time he kisses me and touches me and holds me, I fall for him more.  At certain point there's going to be a freefall, and at this point there's nothing I can do about it except hope that the fall doesn't hurt this time.

"I hope that you catch me, 'cause I'm already fallin'..."

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