Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn...the Wedding

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Well of course Breaking Dawn was more than just the wedding...there was like a honeymoon...and a "demon" infant...but I'm getting ahead of myself. 

Hats off to the director of this feature.  It brought back the essence and emotion of the very first Twilight movie and was very necessary to visually capture the tone of Breaking Dawn.  Those of us who have inhaled the books (I managed to read all 4 in a week, foregoing sleep because I just. couldn't. put. the. books. down.) have not only waited for the first movie to arrive, but we impatie...uh...patiently waited for this one.  The buildup to this wedding has been insane, and in my opinion, it was perfect.  The setting, the dress, the shoes, the background music, the way the director edited the entire sequence...were all perfection.  And you know, for my dislike of the casting of Kristen Stewart as Bella from the beginning, I actually found myself *gasp* enjoying her performance. 

Unfortunately, something happened with the power in my theater and the screen went blank and the lights came up right about the time the Bella's unborn baby was literally sucking the life right out of her.  That was SO not even amusing.

While the last couple of movies in the Twilight series left me less than raving about them, this one completely satisfied what I had envisioned while reading the books.  If you're a fan, run, don't walk to the theater...but then, you've probably already seen it during the midnight showing last night.

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