Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Take Me Away....

Today has been one of those days where I think - that's it, I'm booking a week at a spa.  By myself.  It's not that I'm particularly frustrated, pissed or overly exhausted.  I'm just drained.  Physically and mentally.  I feel like there's too much coming at me at once, and I just want to step out of my life, if only for a week.  Not only do I want to step out of my life.  I want go somewhere where I am forced to physically and mentally detox.  The first time I felt this way and actually did something about it, I booked a week at Spa Eastman, which is about an hour outside of Montreal in Quebec.  Yes, Canada.  Yes, the French speaking part of Canada.  I had only seen pictures (which look EXACTLY like what I saw when I got to the resort), but it looked beautiful, peaceful and well priced.  For the cost of my entire stay at Spa Eastman, including additional spa services I ended up booking on top of my package and all of my travel costs, I paid the same price for receiving about half of a comparable stay at a spa here in my own state.

That week I detoxed in every way imaginable.  Very little English was spoken, so I could zone out all of the chatter around me much like I do during family dinners as one of the only family members who does not speak Mandarin.  I didn't have a computer with me, and my phone didn't work well where we were.  Other than the communication detox, the first couple of days was a complete physical detox.  Between the numerous massages, pure organic food and lack of caffeine just in the first two days, I became physically ill and ended up sleeping it off for about 16 hours.  But I tell you, when I woke up, I literally felt reborn.  It was amazing.

That reborn feeling?  On days like today I just keep dreaming about what that felt like, and I desperately long to feel that again.  Like right now.

Photo credit:  Spa Eastman

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