Monday, October 24, 2011


I'm a big believer in signs, especially in those that involve timing.  Today, it's all I can think about because of a realization I had.  I haven't talked much about the New Kids in a while.  The truth is that everything I needed for closure from my teenage years and subsequent with the respect to the New Kids happened...and I got closure.  I don't feel the need or desire to go on the cruise next year.  I don't feel the need or desire to travel the country or, in the case of 2012, Europe, to see the boys perform again.

And then the realization.

New European dates were announced today and were listed in an email with presale information sent to all fanclub members.  Yes, I will remain a fanclub member.  It's the lazy chick's way to keep up with what's happening if you can no longer be bothered to do the legwork yourself.  I didn't even scroll down the list of cities as I thought, "I'm not going to Europe.  Why do I care?"

And then I saw a tweet in my timeline from a London twitter friend who mentioned that flights to Oslo were cheap in May.  And that got my curiosity going.  So I went back to that email and scrolled down the list to find Oslo...and there it was.

Oslo.  May 14.


The last 2 years I spent on a cruise with the New Kids on my birthday.  This year they will be in my birthplace.  On my birthday.  Are you serious?!?!?

I haven't been in Oslo since I was 2.  My mom and I have been wanting to make the trip back so she can show me what she remembers, but we keep putting it off for one reason or another.

You know what else happened? That presale was supposed to happen today and they POSTPONED it to later in the week.  Just for that concert.

I don't even know what to do with myself.  But I do know that if I was meant to be there, somehow life will put me in Oslo next May.

This is similar to when there was a one-time only New Kids Christmas show at the House of Blues in Boston.  I wasn't supposed to be in Boston the night of the show. In fact, originally I wasn't even supposed to arrive until a week later.  But then I got laid off and my time was a bit more "flexible" so the Boston vacation schedule was moved up. Even then I was supposed to be flying home the morning of the show.  And then a massive blizzard hit that kept me in Boston.  And the blizzard kept many that were supposed to flying in town for the show from doing so, and I was able to get a ticket.  But with that I'm not clear I'm not sure if the timing worked out so perfectly so I could be in town to see the New Kids...or so I could be in town to see another friend (an entirely different story)...either way, the timing worked out beautifully.

So here's the situation.  I may or may not be in my birthplace on my birthday next year.  Clear as mud. :)

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