Friday, October 7, 2011

Stuff I Love: Popcorn

Let's get one thing out of the way about me....

I love popcorn.  Yes I know this is a completely random piece of information, but to really know me is to know this fact.  How much do I love popcorn?

Exhibit A:

Photo credit:  My dad

Yes, that is a HUGE bag of popcorn purchased at the old Price Club...the original warehouse bonanza of a store.  I was probably about 7 years old in this photo.  And yes, I did consume that entire bag.  By myself.  I can't tell from the picture whether or not I had braces on yet, but do you know what one of the big no-no's in wearing braces is?  That's right.  No popcorn.  I had braces on and off for 7 years (that's an entirely different story), and thus I had many emergency trips to the orthodontist to repair broken wires in my braces due to my blatant disregard for this no-no.  No popcorn?  Yeah, right.  

I had my appendix removed when I was about 11 years old.  This was prior to the laparoscopic surgery that they use these days, so I was cut wide open and have this nice not so little scar on my abdomen to show for it.  I had to wait about 2 days or so before I could have solid food after surgery.  You think this foodie-in-the-making was going to introduce her palate to solid food by ingesting hospital food?  My mom brought me lo mein noodles and yes, you guessed it, popcorn.  That, my friends, was my first meal.
These days I'm more likely to throw some popcorn in a paper bag or glass container and pop it in the microwave...and of course then drown it in salted butter.  In my opinion, if you're going to have fresh popcorn, there is really no other way to eat it...except to drown in it salted butter.

If I want to get really fancy or just develop a massive craving, I order a shipment of Garrett's Popcorn from Chicago.  If you're not going to make it yourself, by all means, get it from the best.  They make it fresh and ship it overnight so that you can eat it while it's still fresh.  My recommendation?  The Chicago Mix.  A tremendous mix of their CheeseCorn and CaramelKrisp.  Salty, cheesy and sweet blended together at its finest.  I'm not even gonna lie. I won't share my stash of Garrett's.  I may buy you your own if it comes to that, but you aren't getting mine.

This a picture from the last time I ordered a 2009.  Yes, I'm way overdue for another shipment.  Christmas is coming up...just know, for those that might be so inclined...  :)

Photo credit:  Me

And if I'm just plain lazy or running tight in the budget to order Garrett's?  Well my go-to store bought popcorn was this one:

Photo credit: Popcorn Indiana

I was living down in Santa Barbara a few years ago the first time I tried it, and I thought it was the best tasting buttered popcorn that was pre-made.  The key - they actually use real butter for the butter flavor.  I know.  Genius, right?
Well my friend introduced me to this popcorn:
Photo credit:  Frito Lay
I have to admit, I've seen it in stores, but I never ventured to try it.  I'm a Taurus.  I'm loyal to a fault.  And I was loyal to my Movie Theater popcorn...until my man friend placed an opened bag of Smartfood under my nose a few weeks ago.  And just like that I have a new go-to favorite that I can pretty much find in any store as it's way more widely available than my Movie Theater popcorn was.  What can I say?  I may be loyal to a fault, but I also value quality...and the opinions of my tastebuds. :)

Popcorn - are you a fan?  What are your favorites and favorite ways to eat it?

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