Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh Thank God It's Friday Again

You know for all of the weeks that go by sooooo sloooooowly to get to those Fridays and fun planned weekends with family, friends or a certain special friend, this week seemed to go by super quick.  I'm not complaining, but it's one of those weeks at work where I could use an extra day or two so I don't feel so stressed about BIG IMPENDING DEADLINES.

Of course as a break from the busy chaos, your mind tends to wander to random things as a form of relief. Mine seemed to be on overdrive.

A sampling of my week of random thoughts:

1.  I could really use some coffee today.  I think I might break down and get some.

2.  Really?  My email was literally 1 sentence long.  10 words and a please.  How was that not clear?

3.  Ooooh cheese fries!

4.  I love it when people are actually doing what they are supposed to be doing.

5.  British accents are lovely.

6.  Does this chair make my ass look big?

7.  Why doesn't he answer my text?  Even just acknowledge that it made it across the ocean with a smile?  Like, how hard is that?  I don't need a manifesto.

8.  Wow those pills really did mute my emotions a bit and screwed with my body chemistry.  My body is thanking me for the break.  Can't wait to start prescription #3 and see if this one is a winner.  Third time's a charm, right?  And by pills I mean THE Pill.  I'm no druggie.

9.  Man, I'm horny.  #8 has totally worn off.  Of course, NOW it wears off. 

10.  Dear crazy girl shaking your ass on this BART train like you're up in da club.  This ain't no club.  Sit it down already.

11.  Ah McDreamy - you're back to "normal" and all Dreamy again.  Thank you Shonda Rhimes.  Now as for McSteamy - please get that man laid...he's still hot but you've turned him into a pansy and for him that's so not hot.  I'm totally objectifying here - but that's what he's there for in that show.  Am I right?

12.  Revenge.  Damn I love that show.  Maybe because I see a lot of myself in the main know, if I got pushed over the edge.  Though I tend to rely on karma.  Karma tends to make things right better than I could ever plan.

13.  I wonder what would happen if I just picked up and left?  Just dropped off the face of the earth for a while.  Fiji sounds nice.  Or maybe like Bali or something.  Would anyone even notice?  I mean, besides my mother and my client.

Random pic found on a Google search

13.  Why won't this guy just send me the files already?  I know they're done.  What is it with men this week?  Are they just purposefully trying to be difficult?

14.  I need a nap.  Obviously.

15.  I kinda miss working in retail or food service.  It's the face time with the customers and their energy.  I feed off of that.  Maybe I'll open up a boutique cafe.  How fun would that be?  You know, if people actually came to it.  :)

16.  Ahhhh coffee.  Yes, I broke down.  Shut it.  It's Friday.  :)

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