Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sometimes the Curtains Are Just Blue

English Literature was one of my favorite classes in both high school and college.  So much so that I believe I took a few different variations of the class in college, and I may still have the textbooks in a box somewhere out in the garage.  How I didn't end up an English major - well I was going to say I'll never know, but the truth is I know exactly why I didn't.  What do you do with that degree that makes money?

As much as I loved the content of the class, the English Lit instructors sometimes - ok most times - left a lot to be desired.  I came across a graphic in my blog reading that perfectly explains some of my frustrations during class lectures about some gorgeous literature that we had been assigned to read in the previous class:

Photo source:  I have no idea, and I take no credit for this one.

Sometimes the curtains were just fucking blue.

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