Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sex...from a Male Perspective

There's a blog that I've been following for a little while now.  I'm sure I found it through some link or recommendation from another blog, but either way, it's a good read.  I love this blog.  Well, I don't always love what I'm reading in it, but that's to be expected when it's written from the view of how a man thinks, right?  But here's where my own personal development work comes into play:  I can step back from reading an opinion that makes me cringe to realize at the end of the day, the dude probably has a point, and I need to take that into consideration before I overreact to the men in my life for stupid things they haven't even thought twice about.

Such is the post that I came across the other day entitled:  The Complaint About Monogamy Is That It Works

If you want to add some insightful reading into generally what men think about sex, love and marriage, I recommend this blog.

To read more visit:  Married Men Sex Life

(Disclaimer:  The "married man" behind the blog above has no idea that I exist.  I just really like this blog.)

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