Monday, August 29, 2011

Rules Of A Gentleman

In my daily blog reading, I came across a few posts from a Tumblr called "Rules of a Gentleman."  I believe there's one out there called "Rules of a Lady" as well.  Anyhow, it looks like people submit "rules" to be posted on this site.  Truth be told most of these "rules" look like they were submitted by those under the age of 20 who have yet to formulate really thought provoking rules.  But there were a couple that stood out for me:

Photo source:  Rules of a Gentleman

My current manfriend called me "Beautiful" all of the time in the beginning of our correspondence.  I'm guessing he did it with all of the females he was interested in  but it made me feel more than just someone he was trying to pick up on (yes, I totally realize how naive that line of thinking is).  Now he calls me "Sexy" and I'm sure he's not intending for it to feel like a downgrade in what he thinks or feels for me, but honestly, it kinda feels like that.  I'm conflicted by it though because 99.9% of the time, sexy is not how I think of myself.  At all.  So the fact that he does - well, I love it.  As long as he still thinks I'm beautiful too.

I found this one from a different tumblr but along the same lines as the one above:

Photo source: Etiquette for a Gentleman

This one is self explanatory, no?

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