Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Ring

So the picture of the 3 stone ring I posted yesterday?  That was a picture of a Harry Winston ring I found randomly on the internet.  It was the closest visual I could find to the actual ring I tried on...until I started scrolling through my pictures on my Blackberry and realized that I totally took a picture of me trying it on in January 2010...
Photo by Me

It looks almost perfect, doesn't it? :)  It's about half a size too small, but obviously that didn't stop me from trying to ram it down my finger so I could see how it looked.  It's about 5 total carats:  3 carat center stone with a carat on each side.  I totally didn't want to take it off.  The ring was displayed in the store window for about a year before I couldn't stand it anymore and asked my favorite saleswoman (yes, it's a jeweler I frequent enough usually on just browsing sprees that I have a favorite saleswoman) to pull it out of the window so I could try it on.  And wouldn't you know it...shortly thereafter the ring disappeared, and I didn't have the heart to go in and ask if they had finally rotated it out of the window or if it actually sold.  I'm guessing the latter. :(

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