Thursday, August 4, 2011

For the Love of Ice Cream

Photo by Me
Let's get something clear right off the bat the world of frozen creamy yumminess, here is my order of preference:

1.  Gelato
2.  Frozen custard
3.  Ice cream
4.  Frozen yogurt

And if you're about to ask if there's really a difference between #1, #2 and #3, you're probably the same person who's going to try to tell me that there's no difference in taste between chocolate cake and red velvet cake except for the color.  And you would be wrong on that too.

I love ice cream in any variation.  I will eat it in summer.  I will eat it in winter.  I will eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I love all kinds of flavors, but my standard go to is vanilla.  Vanilla bean preferably, but most definitely vanilla.  Why?  Because I'm all about building a foundation...a solid good foundation is the key to bliss...whether that be a house, a relationship, or a really great cup (bowl, bucket, whatever) of ice cream.

Why am I talking about ice cream?  Well I'm about to go meet a co-worker for lunch, and I totally picked the restaurant based on the Italian based frozen yogurt place right outside the door of the restaurant...because right now I'd rather have that than lunch.  The place is called Yogorino and it's fairly new in the US.  It's the slight tang of yogurt with the consistency of gelato...and they have the rich yummy toppings that pretty much every other froyo joint is lacking...I mean melted white chocolate with crispy crepes?!?  Come on!  But they also have the hard shell chocolate topping...and I LOVE THAT STUFF!  The pic I posted here was of the yumminess I devoured last week.  This city spoils me in food.

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