Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Daily Love

Photo source:  I have no idea, and I take no credit for this one.
You might have noticed that I mention different blogs I read regularly.  With the awesomeness that is Google Reader, I am easily able to keep up with all of the online reading that interests me.  But this isn't an ad for Google Reader.  I just happened to come across another blog post from the founder of The Daily Love, Mastin Kipp.  He has embarked on a similar spiritual and personal development journey that I have undertaken in the last few years.  In his post today, we seem to have arrived in a similar spot.  How do I know?  Because he ended today's post with this:

From my one and only experience with love, I did feel the false sense of easy, breezy flowing love from the beginning.  Granted it was one-sided and ultimately unrequited, but the beginning was soooo easy.  I thought that was the kind of love I wanted, until I realized that the kind of love I want is a real partnership.  A true partnership of a relationship where there is a team effort in every area of the relationship...spiritual, emotional, financial and domestic.  I now understand that what I experienced before was meant to be emotionally easy for me in the beginning to teach me to recognize what it meant to truly love someone unconditionally.  That I didn't spend all of these years wondering what it felt like.  I'm also realizing that this partnership of a relationship I want, this ultimate love that I want in my life - I'm scared to death of it.  So I, like Mastin, "have decided to stick with things longer than I normally would have to see what's on the other side of my own fear."

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