Friday, July 22, 2011

Apparently I'm Hormonal...

There are two songs that keep popping up in my head this morning.  I love both of these songs intimately, but they when I listen to them I actually feel a physical pain in my a painful longing.  I don't know why they are showing up or what my emotions are trying to tell me...but so it is.

The first song is from the Beatles/Paul McCartney.  I have to say that there's not many songs sung by Paul McCartney that I can't identify with in my life.  When I saw him perform this song not all that long ago a few rows from the stage, I was moved to tears....

This next one by Barry Manilow....this one Barry actually saw me boo-hooing to it about five years ago at his show at the Las Vegas Hilton.  How embarrassing...but I had no idea I would have that reaction...I just couldn't even control it. *shaking my head at my damn self*.

Oh my God I'm boohooing again watching this.  Dang these effing hormones....but why?  Why these songs right now? 

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