Friday, July 22, 2011

Hello, My Name is Michelle and I am a Foodie

If there ever was a question about my status as a foodie, one need not look further than the pictures I posted on Twitter in the last week of the yumminess that has passed my lips...

The ultimate in hangover food.  Yes, I am fully aware of the miraculousness that is Taco Bell, IHOP, Dennys, White Castle, Steak n Shake and In N Out at 2am when all a girl needs after a night of drinking is some quality grease.  I have experienced them all.  But if given my choice, and I could acquire this from any location I happen to be after a night of partying...then this is would be what I would choose:

Photo by Me

That's right - chicken and waffles...with a side of mac n cheese and cheese grits for good measure.  This hangover feast was acquired at the House of Chicken and Waffles in Oakland at Jack London Square.  And it was perfection.

Next up....more mac n cheese (did I mention I was hormonal this week as well?)...this time from a place in SF called Focaccia.  Love this place.  Everything is fresh and real quality food.  And this mac and die for. 

Photo by Me

And what is PMS week without some ice cream...or for a foodie...gelato...actually I would have preferred frozen custard but they have no clue what it is so many other yummy things from the midwest... This gelato was obtained at a little shop about 2 minutes away from where I live.  Truth be told, it's really not the best gelato...not even close really....but it worked for my purposes

Photo by Me

Next of my favorites...a grilled cheese sandwich.  I've loved this sandwich for as long as I can remember.  My favorite version is the one I make, of course: white bread or brioche, butter, 2 or 3 different cheeses...and maybe a touch of garlic every once in a while.  But this one below that I ate the other day was pretty darn good.  And yes, I did walk 6 blocks to the Ferry Building to get this one instead of getting a random grilled cheese across the street from my office.  Why this grilled cheese?  Well it's made with cheese and butter from Cowgirl Creamery (the sandwich was actually purchased at the Cowgirl Creamery stand) and bread from Acme Baking Company next door.  Quality ingredients. Period.

Photo by Me

Now there is a picture missing here.  I went back to the Ferry Building yesterday because there was a Farmer's Market.  And when there's a Farmer's Market, there's some fabulous eats for lunch.  And boy did I have a fabulous eat.  There's not a picture because...well, I really couldn't wait to inhale it and so, I didn't.  But here's what it was:  a pork confit sandwich with fresh herbs, market salad, kimchee with chili chorizo aioli from 4505 Meats.  One of the longest lines at the market and for good reason.

But I finally found dim sum in San Francisco that I like.  And usually for really good dim sum, I go outside of San Francisco for it.  However, I thought I would give this place a try...they have a To Go corner of the restaurant for lunch take-out and the restaurant is Michelin rated, so why not?

Photo by Me

The verdict:  yes, Yes, YES!  Fresh, flavorful, well done dim sum.  This may be where the majority of my lunch money is headed for the next little while...

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