Friday, June 10, 2011

A Valentine To Maturity

I came across this excerpt from a post in my blog reading today that was worth sharing with anyone that came across my own blog:

"I’m begging age-appropriate females: Read something written before you were born. Stand up straight. Make sure you own one piece of jewelry that you did not purchase on Etsy. Use capital letters in an email to the guy you want to date. Let him take you out on a date, maybe not on a walk or an Xbox session, even if you are, God help you, addicted to LA Noire. Meet your friend for wine instead of fro-yo one night. Watch a movie with no early-90’s nostalgic appeal. Bitch, you already know Clueless by heart."

~Julie Klausner from her post titled, "Don’t Fear The Dowager: A Valentine to Maturity"

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