Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars - It's All About the Gowns...and maybe the shoes....

Okay okay.  It's not actually about the gowns, but come some years, that's about the only thing that's entertaining about the telecast.  This would be one of those years.  Here are my favorites:

Mila Kunis - pretty, lacy, flowing, lavender...She could stand to smile a bit and not take herself too seriously...though she was probably trying to go for the more serious persona.  Lighten up while you're still young kid.  There's plenty of time to be "serious."

Halle Berry - there's not many faux pas moments in Halle's red carpet repertoire.  Gorgeous.

Jennifer Hudson - you can tell she's still a bit uncomfortable in her smaller size, but she's trying real hard to wear it well.  Color looks great on her and she's got the posing down.

Hilary Swank - normally I'm not a fan of feathers...but the way these feathers flow on the skirt of the gown makes it look more like flowing chiffon.  Very pretty.

Hailee Steinfeld - I don't know much about this young'un, except she picked...well, the best stylist ever for helping her navigate the red carpets for this awards season in such a gorgeous way.  This is seriously, the most perfect age appropriate Oscar dress for this young nominee.  Perfection.

Natalie Portman - who could forget our Oscar winning mommy-to-be?  Gorgeous in purple...there are only so many styles one could wear in this condition, and this one is probably the best go-to option of them all.  Beautiful.

My absolute favorite gown, however, is the one worn by Anne Hathaway about two thirds through the telecast.  This gorgeous ruby number by Versace is something that would be my go-to va va va voom dress, you know, if I had the design house's number on speed dial...oh and some place to wear it.  LOVE it!  Anne probably felt the same way because this is the one she picked to wear to the afterparties.  (She had 8 dresses worn last night to choose from.)

Besides the dress above though...what really caught my eye and was instantly put on my wish list?  Anne's Brian Atwood custom made Swarovski crystal heels she wore during her song number.  Drooled over those all night.

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**Not sure which agency posted the pic I included here of Jennifer Hudson.  I take no credit for the photo.

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