Friday, September 3, 2010

What Disney Character Do You Look Like?

Today apparently is Disney avi day on least in my social circle on the medium.  So, I thought long and hard...okay, I really didn't have to think too long and definitely not that hard - just work with me here...on if I were to choose a Disney avi as my avatar for the day, what it would be.  Once it came to me, then I actually had to change the avi because there's a story...There's always a story....

The summer this movie came out, I was in college.  I was thinner and was more prone to having a darker tan than I am nowadays.  This particular summer I was even darker than usual because I had spent a great deal of time outdoors with my BFF at the pool, by the lake...just outdoors in general.  One afternoon after our classes and subsequent workouts, we headed over to the local frozen custard place for a little treat.  What? Is frozen custard not appropriate after busting ass on the treadmill for an hour? :) 

Anywhoo, we were sitting at one of the tables outside when three generations parked themselves at the table next to us.  A grandma, mother and child about 4 years old or so happily nibbling at their frozen custards and discussing the movie they just saw together, Pocahontas.  I noticed that the little one kept glancing over at me every few seconds.  Then I heard a loud whisper as the little one leaned over towards her mother's ear, "Mommy, she looks like Pocahontas!"  The next thing I knew all three females turned in my direction.  My BFF, being the supportive friend that she is, just kept her head down and her giggling to herself as much as she could.

Her mother looked down at her daughter, smiled and said, "Well why don't you ask her to sing and see if it's really her." 

I almost took out Mommy.

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