Friday, July 30, 2010

One of Those Days....

Did you ever have one of those days when you wake up and think, I am SO not getting anything done today? It’s not just about being a little tired, a little sleepy, a little unmotivated, but it was more about being the one thing you are absolutely certain of – being completely unproductive.
Today is that day. Here’s what’s been accomplished so far by 3pm:
  • Waking up
  • Getting dressed
  • Starbucks drive-thru
  • Answering questions from staff that had to get answered
  • Checking emails
  • Checking Twitter
  • Checking Facebook
  • Checking that I put on my contacts because everything seemed a tad bit more blurry. I did.
  • Having lunch
  • Checking my updates in my Google Reader
  • Drafting this blog
This is not normal for me. I mean I do pretty much everything on this list at some point during the day everyday, but usually it's such a minor part of my day in a whole day filled with many other things I've accomplished.  Today, this is THE list.  Being bored and twiddling my thumbs is not my forte, and yet I can’t bring myself to do actual work today.

Could be that it’s Friday. Could be that I don’t have any deadlines today. Could be that I’m slightly depressed for God knows what reason. Is there really ever just one reason for that?
Then again, it could be that time of the month that God screws with all women.
I’m betting on that last one.


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eugene Is No Place For a Coca-Cola Girl

It’s been a while. It’s been a long while. And it seems every three or four posts for the last year or so, I start off by saying that. There’s no excuse, except I keep getting distracted. I get swallowed up by Twitter and the lack of a need to post anything that couldn’t be said in 140 characters or less. I get disillusioned by being online at all.

So here we are. Again. What brought me out of writing hibernation? Pepsi, or the overabundance of it. I’m a Coke girl. Just sayin’.

I accepted employment on a project that has brought me to Eugene, Oregon for two weeks. After being here for a week and eating out every meal, this is what I’ve sadly discovered at all but one establishment: this is a Pepsi town. Even at the Costco down the street from the office, it's ironic that Pepsi is served. Why ironic? Because the freakin’ Coca-Cola distributor is TWO BUILDINGS DOWN!

Honestly, it’s all I can do to not pull up to the distributor with a vat of ice and request them to “fill ‘er up!”

And I was just starting to like Eugene….

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