Friday, April 9, 2010

Date Night....

I'm not even gonna lie.  This is why I went to see "Date Night" on a big screen:

Sure Tina Fey and Steve Carell brought the promise of funny...but, well there was a Wahlberg.  There was a shirtless Wahlberg...that brought the promise of well THAT for the entire time he was on that big screen.  And Ladies, Mark Wahlberg kept that promise.

Now on to the actual movie...

"Date Night" is a fun romp of a movie of a married couple who have gotten themselves in a stereotypical rut of a life and are looking to spice things up a bit.  So Phil Foster, played by Steve Carell, determined to give his wife, Claire Foster played by Fey, a change of pace for their weekly date night, takes an unclaimed dinner reservation in one of the hottest restaurants in Manhattan.  Unfortunately for him, the couple they claim to be is not so random.... Mayhem and calamity obviously ensue, and the free form dialogue that flows from both Tina and Steve worked...for the most part.  The physical comedy was hysterical as was a lovely little scene involving a stripper pole.  Add some great comedic appearances by James Franco, Mila Kunis, Ray Liotta and well Mark Wahlberg (who brought forth more of the pretty than the comedy), and you have a fun lighthearted night out.
Normally I would have waited for a movie like this to come out on DVD...and after seeing it I would have still waited had it not been for...well, go back and read the first sentence.

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