Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Maybe I'll Be The One...

"Maybe I'll be the one that doesn't get burnt."

I saw this quote scrolling through all of my Google Reader subscriptions (that I'm waaaaay behind on reading) this morning. A one line entry....that caught my attention. Because really, isn't this the sentence that runs constantly in the back of our minds when we embark on a new journey where our gut is telling us to change course but our head is trying desperately to convince our "voice" otherwise?

"Maybe I'll be the one that doesn't get burnt."

This was running through my head when I took on a new opportunity last year. The track record wasn't good. Those before me did not conquer the obstacle in the road. But I was SuperChick, and I could handle anything. Which I could and could have - had I chosen to play the game. But I was tired of playing the game before I even got to it and convinced myself that by playing the game according to the rules and the way it should be played that "maybe I'll be the one that doesn't get burnt" and can change the course of the game.

How did that turn out?

I am no longer playing the game. This chick was voted off the island.

Now there is something else happening in my life...just starting...just barely becoming And this is the phrase that caught my attention...this morning.

"Maybe I'll be the one that doesn't get burnt."

Coincidence? Nothing happens by coincidence....

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