Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coming Home...

I promise I'll write a post about my own NKOTB story. I need to find the right way to express it because it will be one of the most personal posts I'll write. So until then, I'll just share little how I felt when I saw this trailer yesterday for the first time:

It's been over a year now since those boys announced their return and resurrected the fangirl in every single one of us Million Sisters who have come together to welcome back the Five Brothers from Boston. How very quickly I think we have started to take for granted what we have been very fortunate we all are to have this opportunity to once again experience out loud the love that never really went away. At times even I have taken for granted how lucky I am to have had the experiences I did with those boys in these last months...personal experiences. It isn't hard to take it for granted when they all have been so interactive with us access to them in ways we never could have imagined possible back in the day. Technology has made becoming jaded a much faster reality than it did when Donnie, Danny, Jordan, Jon and Joe conquered the music world the first time around.

But yesterday those first few notes danced across the keyboard through my speakers ...the lights flashed across the stage on my computer screen... and I am immediately transported back to that first moment when I saw them return to the stage together. "After all these years, is this really happening? Are they really together? Am I really here?"

Then I look at my pictures, and I remember the hugs and the eyes that smiled back at me when I looked into them, and I realize every time we all came together to celebrate each other, that we were all Coming Home. And I am grateful.

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