Monday, October 19, 2009

S Factor, Take 2

Photo by Me

And it begins….
Yesterday I had my first S Factor class. Technically, it was not actually the first class of the course. The first class was the previous Sunday, but for whatever reason, there was literally an obstacle that kept me from actually getting to class every step of the way. It really was quite comical by the end of it, but you can probably guess that I was close to tears numerous times throughout the 3 hour trip – to – the studio. It’s only a 45 minute drive under normal circumstances.
Without rehashing the pain that was that original Sunday, let me fill you in on the pain that is my day today. Real. Physical. Pain. It wasn’t bootcamp. It was sensual dancing and swinging around a pole for crying out loud. But there are muscles in the body, at least in my body, that have not been stressed or stretched since…well, probably about 3 or 4 years ago when I took the S Factor introductory session. That sounds soooo sad. Thus the life of a single girl who is not wired to have casual relationships or sex.
Now some of these moves I easily flowed into…and some moves were a little or a lot more difficult to get into. I think everyone in the class hit a sensual wall at times. Let me just tell you, doing these moves is one thing. Doing these moves and making it look sexy is an entirely different story. That really takes some skills. Some serious skills. But I’m totally up for this challenge. Hmmm…I wonder who will benefit from my new “talent?” J

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