Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hangin' Tough Live Giveaway

Photo by me

Back in I989, I was about a year into my full blown life-long love affair with the New Kids on the Block. I had moved to a new small town, a new high school and to make it even more fun I was also in between my freshman and sophomore years in high school. But I had a best friend, who was also new to the school and had a love for those guys that seemed like only we could understand at the time. When the announcement came out that there would be a Pay-Per-View special (remember those?) of a New Kids concert that would be broadcast LIVE from LA’s Mayan Theater, I think my friend Jenny and I collectively lost our minds.
For the youngsters out there, you have to understand…being a fangirl back in the day was not like it is today. Pay-Per-View specials were far and few between. Seeing any concert live that we weren't actually attending was a BIG deal.
Quickly, plans were thrown together. Whose house would we watch it from? Could we get the parentals to leave us alone for that period and just allow us to go out of our minds?
I honestly don’t remember much about that evening except for what was happening on that screen. Ok fine, the only things I truly remember were the smiles on Donnie’s face…well all of his expressions really. J
…which comes to today. A few months ago, Hangin’ Tough Live was released on DVD. I didn’t actually order it until about a week ago and I ordered an extra one by mistake…I don’t know how that happened. J We always seem to want more when it comes to those guys, don’t we? Actually, I end up buying multiple copies of things because I forget I already have it. I think I have an extra copy of the Face the Music cd laying around here somewhere too….next giveaway? ;)
Instead of returning the extra Hangin’ Tough Live DVD, I thought I would just give it away on here.
So here’s what you need to do: Leave a comment on this post of your own memories about when you saw Hangin’ Tough Live for the first time between now and 5pm PDT on Thursday, October 22. One winner will be randomly selected to receive the DVD.
If you were too young or don’t remember specifically about watching this performance for the first time, share your earliest memory of loving the guys. J
(and if you're on Twitter, please tell me your Twitter name)

Good luck!

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  1. I couldn't actually see it "live" because I was babysitting at that time (and I was babysitting to earn enough money to support my New Kids addiction) so I had my friend tape it. (I didn't even have cable so it wouldn't have even worked for me). I went over to her house the next day. While both of us were wearing our New Kid's attire, hanging with our pillows (which were covered with our New Kid pillowcases) and holding our New Kid dolls we jammed away watching and singing. Between singing, laughing, dancing (and some eating) it was one of the best memories of friendship (and the boys) from that time. It would be great to be able to get the DVD and re-share that memory with my best friend - the same gal who has been that title for the past 30 years (yep, you read that right)
    Oh, my twitter name is "mom2boy".

  2. OMG! I remember this like it was yesterday. Two of my BFF's came over. Convincing my parents was another story. I remember Cover Girl like it was yesterday. I was a Donnie Girl back then. I remember singing along with it and wanting to dance but was afraid by dancing I'd miss the pelvic thrusts I would soon watch. After that I do remember watching it over and over again just to make my pants like Donnie's. The funny thing is I had a New Kids get together earlier this year and we had to dress like one of the guys from NKOTB. I choose Donnie and made the HomeBoy T-shirt and shredded my jeans just like back in the day! Took me back to the good ole days. NKOTB, honestly, has changed my life. Such happy moments from my childhood now to my adulthood.
    Twitter name is Jams1128

  3. Let's see, I do not remember this at all I dont know why. I loved them back then,(Jon was and still is my fave). I remember for my 13th b-day me and my bff, her sis and mom and my step-sis and step-mom drove to Blossom in Cleveland to see them in July 1990. We had lawn tix and were SO far away. It was the 1st concert I had ever been to and even though the seats sucked I remember THAT like it was yesterday. Fast forward to June 23rd of this year almost 19 years to the day and I went back to Blossom with a 5* and met my first loves for the very time in real life and guess what I had 6th row center. I know it is still all so fresh in my mind, but I will always have that memory to hold onto in my heart as well. This fab guys make me ridiculously happy! :) twitter name Carrie713

  4. Sadly, I actually never saw the whole concert. I was 14 years old and just had a summer job at the time so had to rely on my mother to buy me my New Kids "stuff".... this concert did not make the cut :( Mom did not (or does not) understand the love and devotion that i had (still and will always have) for these 5 guys. So i never got it and then when i got older i forgot about it. I have been in love w/ NKOTB since i first heard "Please don't go girl" and it has never stopped! I remember being so devastated when they guys broke up and no one understood my sadness about this (non believers).
    Fast forward to the present time and my love for these guys continues, people still don't understand but i have a ton of new friends who do understand and i am loving it! Thanks for doing such a cool thing and allowing us a chance to win this. TWUGS!
    Twitter name: lorenita327

  5. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Like you said, news or pictures or live footage was few and far between back then, so each time I had an opportunity to see them, it was like I was seeing them again for the first time-- complete with goose bumps and screams!

    That night, I screamed so loud that my dad threatened to turn the TV off, even though he was paying for the PPV. I had seen them on TV, of course, but I had never been to a NK concert. That was the closest I was going to get for the forseeable future -- and, in fact, I never saw them live until September 27, 2008.

    When I watched the PPV that night, I squealed at the first sight of my man, Jonathan... Was convinced that Donnie was even more bad-ass in real life than I'd thought... and just about passed out from excitement with every note or dance move they did.

    It was such a good night, and I've never forgotten it!

    twitter name @lisamh77

  6. I first saw Hanging Tough on MTV and immediately fell in love w/Jordan. I bought the Hanging Tough VHS and wore it out. I was able to see the guys in concert at RFK stadium in DC in 91 but I really don't remember it..just that it was so loud and I couldn't hear the guys above the screaming.

    But since then I've seen them this past March in Baltimore (i hugged both Jordan & Ddubb at M&G) & June in VA. My BFF came with me to the concerts so I wouldn't have to go by myself and now she's a fan.

    I've introduced NKOTB to my 5 yr and she's also a fan, I would love to have the DVD to show her.


    Twitter name Vanessadsp14

  7. Oh, how this has a very special place in my heart! I did not actually see the show the night it came out, but I did own the VHS and watched it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

    I memorized every moment of the video, so much so that I would probably recognize the girl Donnie pulled up on stage during Cover Girl if I met her today. Anyway, I don't know if I REALLY realized how permanently engraved that video was in to my brain until November 2008.

    Fast forward almost 20 years to the first NKOTB reunion concert I attended. On Stage B, just a few feet away from me, Joe wore a leather jacket with a smiley face on the back and a hat with no top. I loved the subtle throwback!

    Twitter Name - mkeys724

  8. OMG! The memories!!!! My parents didn't have cable, in fact - to this day they STILL don't have cable, so I had quite a challenge to be able to see the PPV show. In fact, I didn't see it live on tv that year, it was a WHOLE YEAR later I finally saw it at a friend's house who had borrowed it from a cousin who had a copy. *YES - a WHOLE YEAR later!!!* Talk about having to have patience.

    A whole lot of luck for the stars to line up and for us to finally meet them TWENTY years later. But that is a whole different story ;) So back in the day, I was in HS and no one else at my HS cared about the guys until one day I met a girl who had just moved to town and found out that she loved the guys as much as I did, we talked non-stop.

    We didn't attend the same school, so I'd race home after classes and we'd talk for hours. We'd have slumber parties where we'd lie in our sleeping bags and discuss our fantasies about each of the guys...what where they doing right this minute? What would they do next? Would we ever get to see them live in concert? Nonstop 24/7 about them. It was heaven - FINALLY, someone to share all my thoughts with. All before TWITTER!!

    The night we finally got to watch the PPV show, it was so cool. We were curled up on the couch in her basement, all the lights were off, and we watched it OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER. Then her little brother spilled his juice on the tape and pulled out all the ribbon from the VHS tape to 'get back' at us for 'hogging' the tv. Talk about heartbreaking - we were totally upset for WEEKS!!! But for that one glorious night, we pretended we were there LIVE and it was AWESOME!!!

    Nothing else really came close to that night until the reunion tour kicked off last Fall and we were there and it was like MAGIC :-)

    twitter name @ambremc

  9. I like you was new to the school. We had relocated to Florida from a small town in Ohio. I watched it live at my house with my best and only NKOTB sister! My parents rented it and then they went out so we had the house to ourselves to go Completely INSANE!! Recorded it on VHS and watched that over and over until it was destroyed! I got the VHS Version of it for my was all I had wanted and made me so happy! During a fight with my ex husband I came home to find that he had destroyed all my NKOTB stuff.....burned it ALL!! I have since replaced ALOT of the music but never got my magazines and posters back and never got any of the VHS shows again. I have four kids that all love NKOTB and would love them to see how it all Started!!
    It's so cool of you to do this :)
    twittername @mac_dreamer

  10. So I didn't get to see Hangin Tough Live because I was only 8 years old and back then my parents didn't even have cable! However I had endless devotion to them where all of my birthday and Christmas gifts were always NKOTB related! My cousin and I would always fight over Jordan because we obviously had a chance! When she got to actually go to a concert & I never did, I cried & cried. My biggest & best memory involving them is my 9th bday! I had pretty much just moved to a different town so I didn't have very many friends. Therefore my whole birthday party was all my cousins. For an hour + of the party we put on a concert where we sang & danced to only NKOTB songs. It was all videotaped & I still like to pull it out and laugh at myself. I never guessed when I was 8 years old that at 28 I would have been to 7 of their shows, traveling around the country, meeting the guys & making new friends. What a difference 20 years makes!

    Twitter name @kristie1311

  11. EEK!! Is is sad that I remember the 1st time I saw Hangin Tough Live on VHS. Ok my mom's co-workers daughter was a NKOTB fan too. So my mom let me go over to her house and stay for a sleepover. (the sleepover was fantastic) So she put in the VHS tape & we began screaming before it even started. Back then I was a super die hard Jordan girl..umm...thanks have stolen half of my heart...

    So at this point being super obessed with NKOTB I was so exicted that she invited me over to watch it with her. I remember we sat sooo close to the TV that we got in trouble. It came on and we both started screaming. Gripping our pillows and sleeping bags... I remember my heart jumping out of my chest when Jordan sang IBLYF! It was so good that I cried. We actually reound that song b/c it was soooooooooo good. We danced & screamed our way through the video. Then decided to watch it again. It was a very special moment for me b/c I had never seen them live.

    Ok that is my dorky story..not much but still a speical NKOTB moment. But I must say thank God they came back. I saw my 1st NKOTB show on 10/16/08...and I was immediately hooked. My summer was filled with cross country NKOTB road trips. Wooooooooo


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