Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can You Be Cute While Cleanin'?

Why yes, yes you can. I wasn't so sure until I received a pair of the Gloveables (shown above) in the mail several weeks ago to try out. They are definitely not your momma's rubber gloves! These are freakin' cute!

Now I know I should be taking care of my skin more with consistent moisturizing and protecting my hands and arms when I wash dishes. (Yes, I handwash my dishes because with only one person to clean after, it doesn't really warrant revving up the dishwasher.) However, as unlazy as it sounds to promptly wash my dishes, I am totally lazy in protecting my skin while doing the aforementioned cleaning.

Enter the cute parade: They come in great colors with patterned ruffles...lots of cute colors and ruffles. There's also aprons and other accessories to match. To find out more about the company, click on the link above. To purchase a pair (or three) for yourself, check out

These Gloveables just might make me start wanting pull on the rubber - so to speak - when I wash my dishes. Actually, they already have. Hello pretty skin!

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