Friday, June 5, 2009

I Love You

Tonight I went go see My Life in Ruins, fully intending to walk out of there and write a movie review on here.  Instead I'm left in awe of life and how no matter what is going on, you always get what you need exactly when you need it.  

My Life in Ruins is a romantic comedy starring Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding acclaim.  Unfortunately, "My Life" doesn't even come close to the charm of that movie.  Cute, but I wouldn't write home about it, or in this case a full blog post.

What I did want to express is this:  romantic comedies being what they are, well there's a boy and a girl and a conflict of some sort, but they end up together in the end and ladah de dah, smooch smooch, and the movie is over.  I would have been fine and not given it another thought had the male lead not given Nia this look at the end.  This look that I'm not sure I remember ever getting from someone I really wanted to get it from, and it made my heart ache.  It's a familiar ache.  One that has possibly been there my entire lifetime, as if I had come into this world looking for him from birth, missing him.

So I'm walking out of the theater.  My Blackberry had been buzzing with tweets, emails, texts, etc. throughout the movie.  I set it up to get certain tweets sent to me as text messages to my phone.  All 5 NKOTB are set up to do that, of course, as well as a few other select folks. However, all tweets set up to work that way don't always make it to my phone as text messages as the boys tweet.  I can't even begin to express how annoying that is...except for tonight.  You see tonight, it worked in my favor.  Tonight when I checked my text messages, I only had one from Donnie - though I knew there must have been more that he tweeted.  He's very grandiose most of the time in his tweets, but not with this particular tweet.  

So quick recap:  walking out of theater, heart really aching with the missing romance of a love that I've yet to have, checking tweets from the boys, and only one from Donnie made it to my text messages...this is what it said:

You get what you need when you need it.  I know this was being sent to 65K followers.  But for 1 second, on my phone as a text, it was to me.  Thank you, Donnie, and I love you too.  :-)

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