Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tink No Longer A Mystery

At approximately 6:45 PM PST, the mystery of "Tink" that has monopolized the tweets trended over the last week (two weeks? however long it was feels like forever) was solved, with Jordan Knight finally revealing what "Tink" means. You ready for this?

"Tink! is the imaginary sound of my eyelids springing open when I wake up.................TINK!"
Jordan even included a nice little twitpic to illustrate:

Now I don't know about you, but I honestly got tired of it after the first day of multiple "Tink" tweets. I don't have any idea what answer would have made it seem like the wait was worth it, but an "imaginary" sound? Come on, honey bunch! Really? I mean, that's not even a good cartoon sound byte. But okay, you're a sweetheart (a tweetheart even) and you got the Twitterverse all abuzz with brainstorming the meaning of Tink...for days. Now on to more pressing and certain activities - like the Today Show appearance on Friday where at least 40 fans are already out there in the rain waiting on your asses as I type this...for a show that's more than 36 hours away, some of which have been there since *gasp* Monday!

Get your "A" game on boys, this is gonna be one rowdy crowd!


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