Friday, May 8, 2009

New Favorite Things

No matter how hard I try, walking into Sephora is like walking into Costco for me.  I can't leave without spending at least $100.  So if I can't actually afford to randomly drop $100 (and really, who can these days?), I just avoid the mall altogether.  Well, a couple of weeks ago, the combination of my tax refund plus payday did me in a bit.  Don't get me wrong, I was the responsible CPA and used a HUGE chunk of it to pay off some bills.  But seriously, wouldn't you go buy something nice for yourself too if you had a bit leftover?  This last little trip to Sephora had me walking away with a couple of products (okay, I really walked away with more than a couple) that have become two of my favorite beauty products.  Maybe those Glamour magazine people really do test these things out...

Read the raves about this stuff, and thought, hmmm.  I wonder if this would be something beneficial to my own thick, straight and somewhat course hair?  I usually just throw my hair up in a ponytail after a quick blowdry.  Please don't confuse this with a time consuming blowout, which leaves your hair beautifully smooth and shiny if performed correctly.  Translation:  my ponytail ends up frizzy despite its efforts and genetic tendency to be straight.  I've tried this stuff, and the result is that my hair is A LOT smoother without flyaways without the drawn out blowout required.  Added bonus:  it doesn't actually weigh your hair down so that it's flat.  Mine stayed full with body.  Before I go on sounding like an ad for the stuff, just click on the link above to find out more...I love it.

Every girl has tried concealer at some point in her life, and it's usually very early on in her teenage years.  For me, it was probably around 13 or so.  Liquid foundations never quite matched my skin tone or blended in well and usually ended up greasy at some point.  Powders, well they just don't cover much of anything on their own.  I must have a half dozen barely used types of concealers in my makeup drawer now.  Somehow I was able to get some use of them by combining a few products together, but really I've never been fully satisfied.  Enter Erase Paste.  There I was, minding my business in the Benefit Cosmetics aisle, and there was the display.  I had read about this too and thought, "What the hell..."  I have since used it every day under my Bare Minerals makeup.  It really is a great concealer that's not greasy.  It completely covers up blemishes, blends in and "erases" the areas that are darker or have redness, and it totally lightened and brightened the dark circles under my eyes.  I hope they never stop making this product.


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