Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Color Purple

If you took one look at this blog, you might have noticed something. Okay, you might have noticed a few things, but one thing would probably be that my favorite color is purple or some variation of it. You would be correct. Everybody seems to have one color that they favor more than others, but is there a story behind it? A specific reason as to why they love that color so much? I do. It's a short one, but it's there.

As a little girl I was cute, I admit it. As I started getting older, I didn't get uglier or anything, but let's just say there was more of me to love. I'm sure this happens in a lot of families, but there was some light-hearted joking about my newfound roundness among the relatives, and family get-togethers started to become less and less enjoyable as I now had a reason to focus on something besides who I was as a person. My cousins seem to be able to eat ANYTHING and everything, and the roundness that was so easy for me to come by seemed to bypass them completely. That was unfortunate. That was when I started feeling less than.

Then at the age of 9 or 10, I dressed myself up in this really beautiful purple sweater and stepped out of my bedroom. My dad took one look at me, his eyes lit up and said, "You look really pretty in that color." I don't have memories of the exact expression on his face, but I can still hear his words if I listen really hard. This was a big deal because he was not one to comment a lot on my looks. I always felt beautiful in his presence but not because he told me I was.

I've never felt so beautiful in my life from someone else's reaction to my appearance. I hope one day to have a love that will look at me that way, but that original look will be awfully tough to compete with.

Do you have a story behind what makes your favorite color your favorite color?

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  1. Purple is my second favorite color. Red is my first. So why is my blog pink? I have no idea, lol.


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