Tuesday, May 12, 2009

25 Things About Me

I posted this a while ago on Facebook when it was circulating like mad around that network.  I've been debating on posting it here because I wasn't sure how personal I wanted to get about myself on this forum.  Then in the infamous words of Mr. Wahlberg (which he conveniently set to really catchy music just so I can never stop playing it in my head), I just thought "I don't give a f*ck."  This is me.

1. I was trilingual at one point early on in life – English, Mandarin Chinese and Norwegian. I was born in Norway, so I apparently picked up the language from TV. The other two came from my parents. Today I only speak English and some basic Spanish (gracias Sra. Grogan), go figure.

2. I am an only child; however I have many brothers and sisters in the form of soul friends that have come in and out of my life. I don’t keep in touch with all of these people regularly, or at all, but I will always consider them family.

3. My first crush was John Travolta. I was three years old and was supposed to be asleep in the back of my parents’ station wagon when they went to the drive-in to see Grease. I woke up just as Danny Zuko was being introduced and John’s beautiful face and blue eyes filled that screen. What a wonderful way to discover boys! He will always hold a special place in my heart.

4. If I could make a living as a writer, I would love to do it. I just need to decide to go for it.

5. My dream is to live on the oceanfront, not just near it. The sound and feel of water brings such calmness to my mind and spirit.

6. #5 may explain why I do my best thinking in the shower. Some people “sleep on it.” I bathe.

7. I grew up Baptist, but now I identify more with Eastern religions – though I don’t claim any one as my own. What I do believe in and what is common among all religions is that there is something outside of us out there. I think we would be naïve to think otherwise.

8. I love love LOVE all things with bling – to a point that it may be embarrassing (that is, to someone else). If you want to distract me, pull out something sparkly.

9. I’ve shared “moments” with Tim McGraw, Michael Bublè and Donnie Wahlberg. Love Bublè, but the moments with Tim and Donnie were truly full circle life moments and reaffirmation that “impossible” dreams aren’t necessarily so impossible after all. Not about who it was I shared an experience with necessarily, but more about what it meant to me and why.

10. I’ve only truly fallen in love once in my life. It’s true what they say. If you feel the need to question whether you were (are) in love with someone, then you weren’t. There is absolutely no doubt involved when it happens. 

11. I still haven’t figured out why I can’t adequately find the words to verbalize my experiences in #9 to express why it was so special, but I can totally blog about #10.

12. #10 was unrequited, and truth be told, I would give up everything else on my list of things I want to do before I die to experience true love requited.

13. I unequivocally believe that every moment in life is perfect. It may be a painful moment or a spectacularly fabulous one, but every moment is perfection.

14. My heart breaks a little (or a lot) every time I see a bride walk down the aisle on her father’s arm or dance with her father at the reception because I know for sure that this is one childhood dream that will never come true for me. 

15. I love to sing because I can express and release emotions that I can’t seem to get out any other way. I will rarely do it for public consumption, so you can ask but don’t hold your breath. It’s truly personal to me.

16. Ever since I can remember, I’ve known my purpose in life is to impact people on a very large scale. That’s cool, right? But I haven’t figured out how I’m supposed to do that or why. I’ve impacted people one-on-one, and even in a group of about 50, but I’m talking large scale here. I’m guessing ya’ll will know when I’ve figured it out.

17. I lived in the South when I was young, and I’ve retained some of that drawl – though it pretty much only comes out when I’m pissed, tired or drunk.

18. I have this desire to get a tattoo, but I don’t know if I will actually go through with it. I’ve picked out the design and color scheme. It’s the location that I can’t commit to.

19. I believe that in most cases, kissing is more intimate than sex. No, I did not get that from Pretty Woman. It’s from personal experience.

20. I have this weird fascination with catalogs. I think this has been the case from birth since I have baby pictures with me being entertained with the Sears catalog in my hot pink Winnie the Pooh footie pajamas on our hardwood living room floor in Oslo. Sexy, no?

21. Music is my strongest emotional anchor. A movie or tv show can bring me to tears, and a book can make me feel like I’m falling in love alongside the characters (thank you Twilight), but music truly transports me to another place. For some of you, this will explain why I suddenly had tears in my eyes at the oddest times.

22. I have a desire to go to law school – but no desire to be a lawyer.

23. I will spend and have spent the money to go on the World of Coca-Cola tour every time I’m in Vegas just to get to the perfectly mixed fountain Coke at the end of it. I would probably go out of my mind if I ever visited the HQ in Atlanta.

24. My guilty pleasures include anything Gossip Girl, Twilight or Sex and the City related. You thought I was going to say NKOTB, didn’t you? There is not one ounce of guilt I feel from the pleasure derived from anything related to NKOTB. :-)

25. I wholeheartedly believe in karma. What you put out there is always returned eventually in some form or fashion (and it’s not always obvious when it comes back to you). So to all who read this, I wish a life full of love, laughter and fulfillment.



  1. #14 brought tears to my eyes. I feel the same way just never expressed it...

  2. Wow, so many of them sounded like me. I'm all teary eyed, so if you feel that, I'm sorry.

    The whole purpose in life to impact others. I've always felt that, been told by many spiritual teachers but can't figure out how to reconcile my purpose with my ego. Learning humility has been my biggest challenge. Probably why I've been called a self-righteous b*. If they only knew that I don't really fancy myself perfect just really good at hiding insecurity.


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