Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Twitter All A Flutter Today *UPDATED*

What was Michelle's day about today? Twitter. What should have my day been filled with? The job I get paid to do, which is so not about Twitter. So what happened?

Jonathan Knight, then Donnie Wahlberg, and then Joe McIntyre getting on the horn and sending my phone singing all afternoon! You heard me right people. Joe is now tweeting away! But that's not all. Oh no dear ones. Joe's wife, Barrett, is now online as well and there's a little husband/wife competition going on in the Tweet World. (Found out on 4/8/09 that these exciting developments (Joe and Barrett joining the Twitter World) were really the work of an imposter - who can just suck it.)

Three boys down and two to go - can we do it people? Can we get ALL 5 guys on Twitter? Let's really shut the site down! Can you imagine? I believe we're all already doing a great job crashing that server because it was freakin' out all day! (Still have 3 boys to go...the real Joe Mac is scheduled to be on Twitter soon.)
So are you on Twitter? Are you following them? What? You're not??? Seriously - get on it!

Donnie Wahlberg: http://twitter.com/DonnieWahlberg

Jonathan Knight: http://twitter.com/JonathanRKnight

Joe McIntyre: http://twitter.com/JoeMcIntyre
*FAKE* They have now taken down this profile and hopefully the next time we see it, it will be the real Joe Mac.

Barrett McIntyre: http://twitter.com/BarrettMcIntyre
*FAKE* They have taken down this profile too, and I'm highly doubting that the real one will be returning.

Okay, if you haven't figured it out by now, my man is Donnie Wahlberg. My heart's known him for over half my life and judging by the insanity that has ensued in me emotionally over the last year and a half since Donnie and the guys have once again invaded my psyche full-time, it won't go away anytime soon. Or ever. So while you're on Twitter...please also support Donnie's other endeavors and friends because they are HOT!

The man puttin' the plan in action:
Joseph Fergus: http://twitter.com/joepolitics

Hot Rap Artist on the Rise and first artist on Donnie's label, Donnie D Records:
Jimmy Marsh: http://twitter.com/jimmymarsh617

Breakfast Club - Clothing for those who Rise & Grind:


Alright - you have your assignments, go to it!


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