Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I am SO over the drama

[photo via enamour]

Today woke up feeling like, "Crap, something's going down today. Energy feels off." That was no joke. Issues at work reminiscent of high school (have we not grown up yet people?) took up a lot of unnecessary time and energy to "discuss" and manage. Then meeting after meeting after meeting, which a lot talking about doing work is discussed but for which all the the laundry list of things to do does not start disappearing until AFTER all the the meetings are done.

THEN in between the meetings catching up on Twitter, I saw a flurry of tweets from the official NKOTB twitter and Donnie confirming that the "Joe McIntyre" and "Barrett McIntyre" that I just posted about yesterday were, in fact, imposters. WHAT??!!! To top it off there was this lovely little follow-up from the imposter calling all of us fans dumb. Ummm, excuse me, but who spent all freakin' day yesterday on Twitter coming up with the fakeness that he/she was and wasted their time with the rest of us when we had nothing but love to give back? Seems like a lot of energy wasted on something that you could care less about. Who's the dumb one here?

All of this loveliness was unfolding as I was hauling ass down the block running late for the last meeting of the day in another building for which I promptly got stood up.

Now, I'm once again sitting at my desk trying to mend the events of the day and negate the drama that unfolded. I am fully aware that these aren't real problems...that things for many people are so much worse today in other parts of the world. I'm just grateful that really, all I need to feel better about everything that didn't go "right" today is...a hug.

By the way, I revised yesterday's post to reflect current information.


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