Monday, March 9, 2009

Ahead of My Time

So last month I came across this blog posting…yes, it’s taken me a month to get this written...about a woman whose husband encountered 5 of my favorite men (NKOTB) in a Frankfurt airport. The loving husband then proceeded to spend some time with the guys professing his wife’s love to them and generally just hobnobbing.

Long story short, Donnie signed her husband’s boarding document. No big deal, right? Well, then apparently, Donnie came back and gave him his boarding pass for the flight…(how he ended up getting on the flight without the boarding pass is another issue, but hey, he is Donnie Wahlberg and he is traveling with the rest of the guys…probably wasn’t all that hard).

Here are the links to the blog posts (read them in order for it to make sense):

Pretty cool, right? Definitely nothing out of the ordinary…until I started looking at her pictures further….

Hmmm…that boarding pass looks familiar. In fact some of the information ON the boarding pass looks familiar…why would that be?

Yes, I was on a business trip in Europe last November. Yes, I did fly out of Frankfurt to Amsterdam. Yes, it was a Lufthansa flight…but wait…why does that flight number look familiar?

Shortly thereafter, I start ripping through all of my travel documents that made it past the great desk clean-up of 2008. There was nothing there. Went online to see if my online itinerary was still accessible. Apparently – not. Hmm…guess I’ll never know for sure.

Cut ahead a couple of weeks after reading the post. On a Saturday morning, I felt like having a heart-to-heart with my handwritten journal. Yes, I still keep a handwritten journal for the really deep thoughts. I also attach thoughts that I randomly write on pieces of paper, napkins, whatever I happen to have to write on wherever I am at the time, so it’s not unusual to find stuff tucked within the pages. Well, guess what was tucked into the last page of the journal?


Photo by Me

From that particular connecting flight of the journal. The one lone travel souvenir from that trip as I had tossed out the rest of documentation (boarding passes, travel itinerary, etc.). Can you believe it?

And guess what?

Same flight number.

Same time of departure.

On the first Sunday of the month as well.

Just 4 months too soon

Damn – I always was a bit ahead of my time!

(Probably was a good thing - for them. The plane only seated about 100, and I'm guessing the guys and some of their entourage were flying together. I guess they could have chartered the entire plane to avoid the whole trapped in a plane with fans thing. Can you imagine being on the same small flight with them? A whole hour - with no one else around - with them - on a plane. The thought of that happening kinda blows the whole cruise out of the least for me. )

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