Monday, January 12, 2009

Bride Wars

So I was debating on whether or not to do a review of this movie as two words can sum up the entire movie: girly fluff. That’s perfectly fine as long as you go into it with no higher expectations than to be submerged into a very girly world where two best friends spent most of their lives dreaming of their perfect wedding from the moment they happened to witness a fantasy wedding in June at the Plaza.

Liv, portrayed by Kate Hudson, and Emma, portrayed by Anne Hathaway, are the two aforementioned best friends who happened to get engaged pretty close to one another and by some miracle were able to snag June dates at The Plaza to hold their weddings by retaining one of the most prestigious wedding planners in New York. Unfortunately – as given away in the previews – somehow the scheduling got mixed up and now both weddings are scheduled on the same day in June.

What I liked about this movie:
I love all things wedding, so regardless of the quality of the actual movie, all I really cared about seeing was the Vera Wang dress shoot and how the look of the actual weddings turned out. I honestly could have waited until the DVD for that, but I was bored and wasn’t in the mood for tears to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons or Seven Pounds. For that, the movie didn’t disappoint. Of course everything was staged beautifully, and I saw a new take on a not so unique idea on the ceremony.
New York, The Plaza and Vera Wang – love it!

What I didn’t like:
Soooo completely predictable. Will this ruin their friendship forever or will they kiss and make up? Would it really be a spoiler to give the answer to this one away?

The other thing is that I didn’t fully believe the depth of the friendship. I can’t completely pinpoint why, but it just seemed to me that the women these girls grew up to be and their viewpoints about life were so far apart from one another that it’s hard for me to imagine that their friendship would still be so intimate after all these years - especially with the level of jealousy that Liv has with Emma that’s always just below the surface.
The shenanigans to sabotage one another’s wedding…it might have been funnier if I hadn’t been privy to what they were from the previews. I was waiting to see something that I didn’t already see a million times at home on TV. Seriously movie trailer people….leave something for the movie!

The fiancés – while I like the characters themselves, I just didn’t buy the casting of these characters. Didn’t really fit with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway in my opinion or the men they were supposed to be. Maybe it’s just leftover from previous things I’ve seen these guys in. I just didn’t buy it.

To Sum It All Up...
In the famous words of my favorite local movie reviewer, Hooman Khalili, “To sum it all up, let me just say this,” With the economy and the price of tickets to see movies nowadays, I would rent Father of the Bride or Sex and the City for movies with weddings. You might actually be more entertained.

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  1. thanks for the review, I didn't want to see this film anyway, but now your review at least confirms it :)


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