Monday, January 5, 2009

A Beautiful Disaster to Miss Independent

When you're sick for multiple days and don't have the energy to move but have enough energy for your mind to more than make up for it, it's really interesting where those thoughts take you. Waking up sick on January 1 makes it even more interesting. When you feel like crap on the first day of the new year, it's really hard to jump on the bandwagon that 2009 will kick ass! Lord knows it's already been kicking mine! So what was going through my head during the last few days? Theme songs.

I've had a lot of "theme songs" over the years to describe the place I was in. Music is my most powerful trigger, and there is almost always a song that can better explain what is happening internally than I could ever properly verbalize it. My past theme songs would probably be a surprise to most that know me considering I've had many years of practice in hiding what was going on internally. What I've realized is that while it's great to find songs to express my current state, it's even better to find a song to express where I want to be instead (if I'm not already there). So goodbye to Beautiful Disaster by Jon McLaughlin. It's a beautiful song and served it's purpose in 2008. But it's time to bring on 2009 and Miss Independent by Ne-Yo.

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