Monday, November 3, 2008

So many things to write about...

I've had some trouble deciding what to do with this particular blog. I obviously had an initial idea to share fun stuff I have come across on the web and bring it to the open. While I may still do that, I decided to go ahead an branch this particular website to a place where I can share my thoughts. I actually have a spot on MSN Spaces Live that I've been doing this with over the last few years, but I realized that while I actually like the application, it was somewhat limiting in reach. So, I will move to posting my thoughts here.

Dilemma #2 - I actually have a few things I wanted to write about and not nearly the brain power or time to do it right now.

The thing that's immediately on my mind is that I am SO ready for this election to be over! I've got a Facebook page, so you can figure out who I voted for if you want to make the effort to find out. What I realized from the 2004 election is how important it is to vote - regardless of what your views are or how you think an election is going (i.e. a landslide for your favored candidate). You can never take anything for granted - especially not your right to vote.

So please - whoever you want to vote for - just go do it! If you can vote early, that would be my suggestion. I went on Friday, and there were already lines forming. I can only imagine what it will be like on Tuesday!

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