Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't Insult My Intelligence

I came across a comment made by one of my friend's friends, and I was going to let my vote speak for me, but I just couldn't let it stand without making a comment back in some sort of forum. Here's the quote:

"We have to vote John McCain being military wives. I think our society has become so media driven when it comes to decision making. I don't know of all those reality shows gave us brain damage or what? When it comes to our president I don't want a celebrity personality I want a leader and preferably one with military experience."

First of all, I am a third generation military kid. Both my grandparents were in the military, and my grandfather was in WWII. My father was in the Air Force, and while he didn't serve physically overseas in the Gulf War, the classified work that he performed stateside was directly involved in those operations - and kept him up and out of bed many nights during that time period. Up until the age of 19, my life was fully immersed in military life, and I have the highest respect for those involved with the military in any form or fashion and will always feel that way. 

Military is a significant part of the presidency, yes, but it is not the entire picture. Please do not put down those who have chosen not to vote for John McCain in a way that paints us as so ignorant that we allow the media to decide for us because we cannot think for ourselves. I do not claim to be a Democrat or a Republican, but an Independent because I want to know where each candidate stands on the issues, and which of those issues are deal breakers for me based on whether or not I think that those differences will actually have an impact if that candidate is in office. Warren Buffett makes his voting decision based on the issues and not on the party. Do we really think he is being swayed by reality tv and the media?

I don't want a celebrity personality either, but we NEED a leader. I'm not saying that John McCain doesn't appear to be a good man fundamentally. I'm not saying that he hasn't carried himself throughout the most difficult times in any human being's life with admirable courage and heroism. However, the way that he has carried out his campaign in the last 18 months is more telling of the man he has become since then. When a person would rather spend precious air time attacking his opponent on issues that are not really integral to fundamental issues that America is concerned with rather than highlight the benefits of what he would bring to the presidency, I don't come away understanding why I should vote for him. I just come away with a bitter taste - against the person doing the attacking.

As far as a leader with military experience, did we forget about who Colin Powell is endorsing? Do you not think that military operations were at least some part of his decision making when choosing a candidate to endorse? Do we not admire his miltary leadership and intelligence? Has he not served as a Republican in primarily Republican White House administrations? I would think he has a much better idea of what a good president requires in terms of military strength.

I didn't write this to stir up any more trouble, and up until now I've avoided writing anything at all on the topic. Just don't insinuate that all those voting for Obama are doing so because someone is telling them to and not because they made an intelligent decision based on their view of the issues.

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