Saturday, July 26, 2008

Will anybody actually want this?

A London department store, Selfridges & Co, is launching a limited edition teddy bear. Now, I love teddy bears, and the thought of a limited edition one completely blinged out with emeralds (my birthstone) and surrounded by diamonds for eyes and 24 karat solid gold nose and the fur entwined with gold leaf and accompanied by a Mont Blanc pen with an ink pot filled with liquid gold began to make me giddy. Obviously I would never even think to spend £43,000 for a teddy bear, but the thought might cross my mind if I ever came upon a ridiculous amount of money. The thought might have crossed my mind, that is, until I got a look at the bear...

Now, seriously. For £43,000, couldn't they have made the little guy a bit more adorable? The emerald eyes was a good idea, if it didn't make the bear appear so...stoned.

[Image source: Telegraph]

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