Monday, July 21, 2008

This book is really a great read for anyone, but in particular those who are going through any kind of transition in their lives. This author does what a lot of us think about doing...take a year off and go do what she wants where she wants. If you've read the book, then you know that the "Eat" refers to eating her way through Italy and learing Italian just for the sake of doing it. The "Pray" refers to the months that she spent in an Ashram in India, discovering meditation and her soul in the process. The "Love" part of the book, the last in her journey of self discovery, is what we all hope for in the end.

For me personally, I'm right in between the "Eat" and "Pray" portions of the journey. The difference is that I've been stuck here for the last couple of years and haven't been able to progress through them. I don't think my body can withstand much more of the eating portion of the program. Actually, it's more like my mind cannot wrap itself around the image that's become my body in the last few years. No one in my life currently (with the exception of my mother) knows me in any other body except for the one I have now, and that's just depressing. They don't know the girl with the hot body that was there during high school and the beginning of college.

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